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Gary J. Galasso

Morrow, Louisiana


Updated 6 June 2011


EDUCATION: BS, Aviation Northeast Louisiana University

                       MS, Human Development Counseling Vanderbilt University


         MS ACCESS 97 Intermediate Training, March 1998

         IDEF Modeling Techniques, GRC, September 1994


         StateMate Advance Training, GRC (I-Logic), March 1998


         World Class Competitiveness Training, Boeing, July 1994

         StateMate Training, GRC (I-Logic), July 1996


         US Army Command and General Staff College, 1988

         Global Command and Control System Course, AFCEA, December 1995


         Signal Officer Advanced Course, 1980


         Information Warfare Seminar, GRC, June 16, 1995        


         Satellite Communications Officer Course, 1977


         Object‑Oriented Methodology, GRC, February 1995      


         Self trained in WEB development using MS Expressions, Front Page 98 and Dreamweaver.


 Hardware: Apple II Series, IBM PC and clones, SCO, and DEC.

 General Software:  Office 97,2003, and 2007 Pro (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), ABC Flow Charter, Lotus 1‑2‑3, Harvard Graphics, LotusWrite, WordPerfect, Wordstar, Enable, Uniplex, Prelude, and DEC All‑in‑One.

 Developer Software: Cadre Teamwork, IDEF, IBM UML Designer, and StateMate. Familiar with Rational Rose.

 Languages:  BASIC, SQL.

 Operating Systems:  Apple DOS, MS‑DOS, UNIX, MS (3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT, XP and Vista), and  X‑Windows.

 Database Management Systems: DBIII+, INFORMIX, and MS ACCESS 97/2003.

 Communications:  Ethernet, MILNET, Novell Netware, and TCP/IP.

 Internet: Browsers (Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Explorer) and Unix shell. Information collector.

 WEB Design: MS Expressions, MS Front Page 98. Familiar in the use of Dreamweaver, Java and             Visual Basic and CGI scripts along with Applets within HTML.


 1/07 to Present Donate time and server space to maintain non-profit web sites for organizations located inside Louisiana. Serve as PC/Internet guru for local residents. Publish Knights of Columbus monthly newsletter and maintain proficiency in the latest technical developments.

 7/04 to 12/06   I operated a WEB Design and hosting and on-site tech support service called “The Byte Shop” ( As owner/operator of “The Byte Shop” it was my endeavor to offer businesses, organizations, and individuals a low cost solution to attaining a presence on the Internet. I also strived to provide users on-site technical support in a clear non-"geek" language in the use of Internet Browsers, productivity software applications, and operating systems.

 7/99 to 6/04     I’ve used this time period to expand my knowledge of WEB design, software capabilities, and the problems computer users encounter. I have familiarized myself with the incorporation of Java, Visual Basic, CGI scripts, and digital photography into WEB site development. I have also assisted as a substitute teacher and served as the PC hardware, software and Internet guru at my son's elementary school in rural Morrow, Louisiana. During this timeframe I also moved from Maryland to Louisiana and built a new home.

 General Research Corporation International, Vienna, VA.

 9/95 – 7/99      Senior Level Mission Analyst (Senior Software Functional Analyst). Domain expert and lead analyst for Joint command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR), Information warfare, fusion, and protection operations.  Lead for the JCS Joint Warfare Simulation (JWARS) software development team.  Team consisted of a functional lead, an OMT analyst, two software engineers (C++ and SmallTalk) and a database analyst. Translated complex military mission space into a functional design readily understandable to object modelers and programmers. Created process models with activity and state charts utilizing the Modeling Tool STATEMATE.  Utilized IBM UML Designer to define software requirements through Use Case analysis for design and implementation.  Prepared functional diagrams along with descriptions of processes and interactions. Prepared functional diagrams and extensive briefings for customer comprehension of requirements.  Interfaced with Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Joint Staff, Unified Command Staffs, Service Staffs, and other subject matter experts to determine the functions, processes, tasks, entities, and interactions needed to perform joint warfare operations.  Quality Assurance Agent for project. Produced and implemented the JWARS QA plan, conducted inspections and reviews bringing JWARS up to SEI Level 2 competency. Provided coaching to co-workers in DOS, UNIX, MS-Windows, Windows NT, using the INTERNET, and application software.  Extensively used Internet for research.

Database Developer: Designed and helped develop databases to monitor and control software requirements and quality assurance using MS ACCESS 97.

 1/94 ‑ 9/95       Functional Analyst.   Determined and developed requirements for the Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS).  Performed analysis of functional description and compared with current regulations and other doctrinal material to assist in system development of software applications.  Identified and analyzed functional deficiencies. Test Engineer. Performed unit, regression and integrated testing of application software. Verified functionality and identified deficiencies ensuring software was both user‑friendly and met contractual requirements. Data Base Analyst.  Researched data elements and provided mapping to both the logical and physical levels. Provided subject matter expertise to software developers.  Process Modeler.  Produced data flow diagrams, utilizing CASE Tool CADRE Teamwork, for software applications.

Instructor. Provided training to co‑workers for using DOS, UNIX, MS Windows, e‑mail, the INTERNET and application software.

11/73‑11/93     United States Army. During a career that spanned 20 years, specialized in communication‑electronics engineering, management and acquisition.  Experience included development, management and maintenance of communications, automation and communication security systems. Assignments were as follows:

7/90‑11/93       Logistics Directorate, National Guard Bureau, Washington, DC.  Team Chief and Commodity Manager.   Directed equipment resource allocation for $1.9 Billion in communication and communication security assets for all 50 states and 4 territories for the Army National Guard.  Developed method to transfer inventory data from mainframe into LOTUS 1‑2‑3, reducing processing time from six months to 30 days for reallocation of resources.  Developed specifications for $5 million disaster relief communications system.  Trained co‑workers in the use of WAN/LAN applications (e.g. Prelude and cc mail). Served as Physical security officer and Terminal Area Security Officer (TASO) for secure MIS.

 6/88‑7/90         Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands.   Communications Officer. Directed and evaluated contractor provided communication systems for mission (Kwajalein Missile Test Range) and community support (isolated island with approximately population of 2500). Primary mission was to direct operation and maintenance of mission voice and data systems supporting ICBM and Strategic Defense Initiative (Star-Wars) testing and experimentation. Provided for accreditation of the inter‑Atoll MW system to process classified data along with associated communications security (COMSEC) for sensitive radar imaging and optical tracking systems.  Envisioned and received approval for an underwater fiber optic system (contract value approximately $10 million) to link key islands in the atoll.

 1/86‑6/88         Strategic Defense Command (SDC), Huntsville, AL.  Communications/Automation Division Chief.  Directed eight civilians (up to GS13 level) in providing communication, automation, and secure systems (networks) supporting the Strategic Defense Initiative Experiments (e.g. ERIS, HEDI, GBR, and AOA).  Managed administrative and Secure Compartmented Information Facility communication and management information systems. Served as COMSEC and Information Security (INFOSEC) officer for Admin., SCIF and Mission Operations. Responsible for operation and maintenance of SDC MIS.  Trained users in use of WAN/LAN applications.  Developed satellite link architecture and justified large Joint Chiefs of Staff channel allocation supporting testing at Kwajalein Missile Test Range.

 8/83‑1/86         Headquarters, US Army Communications Engineering Agency, Satellite Communications Branch, Fort Huachuca, AZ.  Communications Systems/Engineer Officer.  As Acting Chief  led eight engineers providing site surveys, installing, testing and accepting satellite terminals critical to defense requirements.  Systems specifications included areas of TEMPEST, EMP and COMSEC for both SATCOM terminals and their respective LAN interfaces. Technical point of contact for engineering surveys of approximately 15 satellite terminal sites worldwide.  Reduced cost by approximately $25,000 per survey.

 4/83‑8/83         Special Assignment, Washington, DC.  Contracting Officer's Technical Representative.  Worked with military and MITRE personnel, co‑designed assemblages employing LAN technology with attention to INFOSEC via TEMPEST, EMP and COMSEC protection. Prepared briefings for senior DOD officials.  The approved system is known as the Defense Information Systems Agency Modular Building Block Architecture.

 1/82‑1/83         U.S. Army Signal School, Fort Gordon, GA.  Company Commander, Advanced NCO training.  Responsible for discipline, health, welfare and administration for 325 personnel.

 6/80‑1/82         U.S. Army Signal School.  Branch Chief and lead instructor for all advanced commissioned and warrant officer communication electronics and computer science courses.

 1/79‑12/79       United States Army Europe.  Plans Officer.  Produced US Army European communication war/emergency plans, negotiated with West German government for services, personnel and sites.

 11/76‑1/79       Heavy Satellite Earth Station Complex, England.  Officer‑in‑Charge.  Installed, operated and maintained an AN/FSC‑78 satellite earth terminal complex valued at over $17 million.  Responsible for welfare of 22 employees and their families.  Accelerated site activation by seven months without exceeding budget.  Reduced maintenance repair costs by shifting to on‑site repairs.

 3/74‑11/76       Fort Lewis, Washington.  Communications Platoon Leader.  Managed communications platoons with from 15 to 75 personnel supervised and over $1 million in equipment.  Supported from 1300 (a battalion) to 15,000 people (an infantry division).

 SECURITY CLEARANCE: TOP SECRET (SBI) – Expired, was last granted by DISCO 4 Oct 95.